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This is where I collect random SEO stuff I run across in my day to day life working from "home" as an online marketing professional. I've been doing this "Marketing Specialist" thing for about 15 years so there's a lot of comparisons from those golden days of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to today's Google dominated Penguin and Panda internet universe. If my zooalogical algorithm references confuse you then you are exactly in the right place. From here on out I will endeavor to put the SEO world in simple to understand terms. I know right? YAY!!! lol...

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By sharing the online marketing side of my world, I hope to give back to friends, family and business owners a measure of knowledge and encouragement for their own small businesses, website development and marketing or just because.

These are the friends, family and businesses that support my Specialized SEO work as an online marketing professional in Florida. I'd like to thank them for their contributions and continued support with recognition for their loyalty with my most sincere gratitude. Please visit their business listings in my SEO Patron's Directory.
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