How Facebook's Algorithm Can Cause A Post Apocalypse


Sooo...You wanna know how Facebook's algorithm works? *Disclaimer: please don't read on if you have a life...fore warning served.

Try liking just one post from that prolific friend you purposely don't comment on or like their stuff because you find those post, well...not to your liking...or just not that interesting, at all ...aaand perhaps, even mildly offensive. 

But you like them just fine as a person so you tolerate an occasion glimpse into their stoopidhood.

Go ahead, click that like ...or better yet, watch one of their videos. For a real experience, add a comment.

Then Boom! Nothing BUT their endless post in a forever scrolling hell. My GOD you had no idea how many post they really post...every hour, sometimes on the half hour if they're at work. It's a post apocalyptic flood!!!

And don't stop for a millisecond to stare at how dumb that next post is cuz FB counts gawking as "engagement" and lines up ten more just like it.

Finally madness sets in as your wall has been overrun. It no longer brings you joy and smiles in tiny burst of dopamine.

Now you know. 

Facebook algorithm is like a hormonal teen that can easily misinterpret a like for love or ten seconds of wtf is this video, for I fucking love this video.

Facebook's algorithm is powered by AI, artificial intelligence. It's learning your behavior and interpreting those actions into preferences. It's not entirely accurate but on the whole it's not entirely wrong either. 

In fact, Facebook's ads manager system is a big part of the same artificial intelligence algorithm. Certain ad types actually have a field that shows it's "learning" at the begging stage of your ad. It's learning about what your audience, you selected, is doing and which of them is likely to want to see your ad.

It's a beautifully sophisticated system that is constantly gathering user interactions, like you liking your friends post, and analyzing what that means for advertisers.

So what does this mean for you?

First off, now you know you will pay dearly for errant likes and carefree comments. But if that's your thing then no big, right? Bring it.

If your a business trying to leverage the powerful AI in your ads manager fingertips, then it pays to understand how it works.

That's not the same as saying you need to know how it all works in order to do it yourself. The system is pretty intuitive. It'll take some trial and error to get proficient but it's a very effective advertising platform once you master the dos and don'ts.

Btw...there's a snooze for 30 days and/or unfollow link in the upper right hand corner of every post under those three dots that look like misplaced punctuation. Use it and you will be free of the incessantly frequent post. 

You're Welcome. Thanks for playing ;)

~ Social Media Hard Knocks 101

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Thursday, 05 December 2019