35+ Years Marketing / 20+ Years Digital Marketing ...
Once-upon-a-time Portrait Artist

Krisada in Thailand 4yrs old

I was born in Thailand and came to the US when I was 4 yrs old

Krisada Eaton in art class at Canandaigua Sr. Academy

Me in art class at Canandaigua Academy NY. I have always been an artist. Sold my first commissioned drawing in Jr. High for $20

Krisada with daughter, Sumalee (3 yrs old) 1995

Me & My Daughter, Sumalee, when I worked for Budweiser in Birmingham Alabama, first as a sign painter and then marketing manager ... Circa 1995 - 2 Buds!

Krisada Eaton driving to Volcano House, Kilauea Volcano Big Island Hawaii

+20 yrs of Work-Anywhere-Life has been great. In 2017 I started living part time in Hawaii. This was 2023, driving to Volcano House at Kilauea Volcano, Big Island HI.

About Me

Born in Thailand.
Came to the US when I was 4 yrs old.

1st Business: Portrait Artist

There wasn't much of an internet when I started my first business as a portrait artist in the early '90s.

Marketing Out of Necessity

Fine art led to graphic arts in an effort to market my own home based business which I eventually abandoned to became a full time marketing professional.

1st Corporate Marketing Job: B'ham Budwieser

My art skills landed a job as a sign painter for Birmingham Budweiser. Later I was promoted to my first corporate marketing position as their POS/Sign Shop & Events Marketing Manager.

After almost 4 years there I went through a flurry of marketing industry jobs:

  • Sign Shop Production Artist
  • Traditional Print Marketing Artist
  • Screen Printing Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Director

Then Came Google

Shortly after Google was born, I found myself learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while freelancing as a self taught web designer at an "Internet" Ad Agency.

I didn't know it then but I would be a freelance contractor for the rest of my life.

+20 Years Self-Employed Life

For the last +20 years, I have been a Freelance SEO Specialist with a brief interruption as a w-2 for Winn-Dixie Grocery Store as their webmaster and marketing specialist.

SEO Marketing for All Kinds of Industries

I've marketed for Luxury Real Estate Brokers, some more Ad Agencies as a white label SEO and a number of other businesses, some that I still work with.

That's My Real Life SEO Marketing Career in a nutshell.