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Sr. SEO Marketing Specialist

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I've been a freelance digital marketing consultant, Sr. SEO Specialist and Ecommerce Developer for 20+ years.

Before that I was a traditional print marketing director, art director and graphic artist in several manufacturing and advertising industries.


Building Marketing Success With Experience

With my understanding of how it all works in the digital world of Google, and more importantly, how to build, adapt and evolve systems around campaign goals...I am able to effeciently architect individualized marketing strategies for any business from personal brands to Fortune 500 companies.

But what sets me apart has always been my ability to articulate complex technical concepts into every day easy-to-understand conversations, both visually and verbally.

Industries that I've successfully built & managed digital marketing campaigns for:

✅ Nutraceuticals
✅ Medical Private Practices
✅ Media Marketing & Events
✅ Personal Brands

✅ Ultra Niche Health Conditions
✅ Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

✅ Luxury Real Estate
✅ Vacation Home Real Estate

✅ BIG Tech (Think IBM)
✅ Retail Grocery Store (Winn-Dixie)
✅ Corporate Restaurants (Sonny's BBQ)
✅ Beverage Industry (Budweiser before InBev)

...and some that I've forgotten, I'm sure. 😉

As a Digital Marketing Consultant I specialize in adding tremendous value to your business by opening new channels or improving existing systems in order to foster a long term profitable relationships for everyone involved.


Through my experiences, I've gained a measure of expertise with:

  • eCommerce marketing and development,
  • CMS website platforms of all kinds
  • LAMP development
  • Digital marketing AI automation.

Before that I was immersed in all aspects of traditional print media advertising from pre-press production artist to marketing director for several companies.


Brands and agencies I've Worked With:

Direct Hire (W-2) - Sr. Search Engine Specialist (SEO) Web Developer

    • Winn-Dixie Stores - Digital Marketing Specialist & Webmaster
    • Balestreri Realty - Luxury Real Estate Marketing Director

.Com Marketing Ad Agency - Sr. Search Engine Specialist (SEO) Web Developer

    • Sonny's BBQ
    • Massey Services
    • Solivita - Active Living Community
    • Luxury Homes Orlando - Sr Search Engine Specialist (SEO)

Top Site Internet Ad Agency - Sr. Search Engine Specialist (SEO) & eCommerce Web Developer

    • Palm Casual Patio Furniture
    • American Cushion Company # 1(800)-Charity Cars


Digital Marketing Specialist / Freelance Contractor

Holistic Medicine & Naturopathic Doctors

      • Dr. Myriah Hinchey
      • Dr. Frank Aieta
      • Dr. Michael Gazsi

Brand Development:

      • LymeBytes!™ & LymeBytes!™ Media
      • LymeCore Botanicals®
      • TAO Vitality, Longevity & Optimal Health # Dr Hinchey


My eCommerce tools of choice are:

      • Shopify
      • Opencart
      • Eshop
      • Joomla
      • WordPress
      • WooCommerce


Marketing Director of Digital Media & Special Events

LymeBytes!™ Media


Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Midland Information Systems, Inc.


Digital Marketing Specialist

TAO Center for Vitality, Longevity and Optimal Health


Marketing Specialist

West Hartford Naturopathic Medicine


Digital Marketing Specialist

Professional Nutritionals, LLC


Sr. Search Engine Specialist

.Com Marketing Internet Ad Agency

Implemented direct on and off page SEO optimizations for a number of industries. Much of the reporting was derived from ongoing in depth analysis of each account which I personally presented in easy to understand plane language and great visual aids that connected the clients to what was going on with their websites and rankings.


Sr. Marketing Specialist / Webmaster

Winn Dixie Stores

At Winn-Dixie I was the sole webmaster responsible for the customer facing website and all SEO marketing. I coordinated with all the marketing departments to update and maintain their ongoing promotions. As an SEO implementation I shifted their branded keyword sets to include non-branded industry segments such as pharmacy and deli structured searches that led to doubling the visitor volume in 3 months (1.1 million visitors to 2.5 million per month).

✅ Specifically we out ranked pharmacy competitors such as Publix, CVS, Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens etc. for current flu shot promotions in each of the seven demographic regions Winn-Dixie operated in.

✅ Deli keyword successes were centered around first page results for "holiday meals. " and other seasonal promotions.

✅ Gift card keywords for the electronic marketing department also saw first page successes for AMEX music promotions as well as seasonal "holiday gift cards..." and consistently for "grocery gift cards. "


Art Director

Balistreri Realty

 Managed graphic arts marketing support for 300 agents in 10 offices for the luxury real estate market in South Florida.

  • Revitalized marketing department image as a "fun & friendly" resource for Balistreri Sales
  • Restructured management of department and outdated
  • Coordinated In-house Marketing of 3 companies with print and multimedia
  • Re-designed all collateral materials to reflect Balistreri's re-branding position in the luxury real estate
  • Worked closely with the Communications Director to coordinate re-branding These programs included marketing of Balistreri Training & recruiting, Balistreri Radio Hour, Balistreri Magazine, International Tradeshow Presence, internal media campaigns, outdoor advertising and programs for affiliated Balistreri Family Enterprises (Intouch Mortgage, Integrity Title, Multi-Unit Sales Division and Balistreri Commercial Division).


Art Director

Nina Industries

  • Responsible for wide web flexographic prepress department to support (3) 42" presses 24/7.
  • Primary designer for new packaging or redesigns of existing
  • Coordinated In-house Marketing of 3 companies with print and multimedia
  • Produced & executed dual tradeshow tours (2 separate set-ups at each show) in Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas that included 2 full 3D multimedia presentations on a custom 42" gas plasma monitor, 3 different sets of booth displays (printed in-house) and 2 supporting Flash 5 websites. Atlanta's SNA Show Display received the top award for allied products. Websites can be visited at (now,
  • Purchasing agent for all computer related acquisitions and network administrator for Nina
  • Coordinated up to 100 simultaneous packaging
  • Created and maintained an Access database for Graphics project
  • All customer collaboration or inquiries involving printed product were directed to
  • Supervised in-house oversized (42") polymer plate production
  • Designed, fabricated and installed custom retail merchandise display for B&H Photo Ninth Store.
  • Maintained cross platform PC/Mac 3 Mac / 4 PC.


Creative Director

United Studios

  • Illustrated & presented 3 dimensional exotic illuminated custom signs for the theme entertainment industry as well as the greater Orlando All illustrations were designed to be "production ready", (i.e., to scale, accurately adhering to aluminum / neon production standards and techniques).
  • Personally conducted presentations for numerous Walt Disney World project Detailed analysis of design methods, fabrication techniques, installation issues and budget impact were communicated verbally & visually throughout each project adhering to WDW's strict standards of excellence.
  • Reviewed & worked with numerous architectural blue prints to accurately create design
  • Supervised 2 designers / presentation artist and 1 technical designer. Responsible for overseeing design integrity during fabrication, assembly and Converted illustrations to provide cut ready production artwork to CNC Routers, Plotters, Large Format Digital Printers.


Art Director

Graphic Markings

  • Managed a prepress and vinyl production art department in a high volume screen printing
  • Produced spot color separation, 4 color process, film based art, digital prints and vinyl
  • Maintained cross platform PC/Mac
  • Directly coordinated customer relations between art department and


Graphics Manager

OzWorks Design

  • Prepared all Project proposals for each Proposals calculated labor & materials cost projections, basic design guidelines, production time table, personnel scheduling and company profit margin to derive pricing.
  • Coordinated & assisted in the construction of all scenery, including traveling hard sets for Southern Living Cooking Lite, backdrops & signs for Birmingham Festival of the Arts stages, City Stages, and décor for numerous trade shows.
  • Produced large format prints and vinyl signs for
  • Coordinated and implemented marketing strategies that produced 50% increase in annual
  • Performed corporate presentations using numerous graphic mediums including 3D
  • Developed graphic concepts for theme venues, corporate events and interior
  • Created graphics, props and signs on sets for commercial video
  • Prepared animated web page
  • Fabricated specialty signs and graphics from construction drawings for museum
  • Painted 20x30 foot backdrops and
  • Carved 3 dimensional foam sculptures for decor, signage and
  • Designed marketing brochures, logos and business cards that enhanced corporate identity and market
  • As Treasurer: Tracked acquisitions, expenditures, Projected job cost, Project Quotes, filed taxes and did payroll weekly.


Marketing Manager

Birmingham Budweiser

Jan 1990 - Jan 1995 (5 years 1 month)

  • Managed 3 Departments: Sign Shop (2 employees), POS (1 employee) & Marketing, (various contractors - Bud Girls and myself).
  • Purchased annual inventory of neon, metal signs, stand-ups and other promotional items from Anheuser Busch. Budgets ranged from 10k to 40k, depending on market performance.
  • Surveyed Off-Premise accounts and collected sales data for Shelf Reset
  • Constructed layout and design for distributor beer sets with 3D marketing program, Shelfset 3000 based on market analysis data. Supervised approved resets.
  • Designed and produced unique theme sales promotions, charts, graphs, awards and on-premise custom graphics.
  • Designed and produced custom graphics on POS for the Jefferson County market for 3
  • Regularly hosted entertainment venues and events for VIP guest at Birmingham Race Course, Birmingham Bulls Hockey Arena at BJCC, University of Alabama Football tailgate parties, Budweiser

Airship, Bruno's Memorial Classic Senior PGA Golf Tournament at Greystone, Budweiser Clydesdales Team appearances, Alabama State Fair, numerous concerts and specialty / holiday promotional events.

  • Installed and serviced Scotch Print vehicle graphics for fleet of 6 mini vans, 15 beverage trucks and 2 tractor trailers.
  • first digital sign making department by presenting detailed research analysis and cost justifications to Senior Implemented Birmingham Budweiser's Management & Owners - Dobbs Management. Developed the department into a separate profit generating entity.


Krisada Eaton

Homebase: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Traveling 2024: Currently in Jacksonville FL

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(904) 323-0604

 Marketing Work History



University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Science (BS), Commercial and Advertising Art

1987 - 1990

I studied art and advertising.


Canandiagua Sr. Academy

1980 - 1982

Studied fine arts and wrestled 3rd string for a state championship team



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