SEO Website clusters that make up the foundation of a digital marketing campaign

Krisada SEO 2024 Digital Marketing Process

✍ Written by Krisada Eaton.    🔊 Read by AI Assistant Jennifer.

Digital Marketing Process

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SEO Website Overview

▶ Digital Marketing Process Tactic #1

▶ Domain Scrabble Board Effect

▶ Digital Marketing Process Tactic #2

▶ 4 Digital Marketing Points To Remember

▶ Rapid Development. What & Why

▶ SEO Page Dominance

▶ SEO Page Dominance Examples 



This is an overview of how I build SEO Websites with Rapid Development.


Think of this as building relevant topic clusters to be the foundational framework of any digital marketing campaign architecture.


Why? Because more is better, stronger and faster.


Building a chain of relevant related websites is a much sturdier anchor than relying on a single website out in the wild.

This is also an essential tool in creating Page Dominance, which is our ultimate ranking goal.

To that end I start with forming a targeted marketing concept first and then apply a couple of process tactics.


Side Note: *My entire 2024 SEO website portfolio is a real time example of how rapid live development grows.


Best Match Domain vs Exact Match Domain 01

Process Tactic #1 ~ Choose domains made of complete words within your targeted niche.

It can be higher level topics but not too broad or ambiguous. Ideally, a best match domain is the goal here.

A best match domain is slightly different than Exact Match because we are prioritizing our complete words to support the higher level marketing strategy concept as opposed to explicitly targeting the most competitive prize keyword phrase solely for the volume of visitors.

There of course will be some overlap in either approach. And in the end exact match might very well be the best choice but it should be for several reasons.

There's nothing wrong with using exact match domains but don't let the ghost of this once powerful SEO ranking factor lure you into building a marketing strategy around one technique.

If an exact match is the best choice then it means success will be more effort and perhaps more time.

Exact match domain is not the magic bullet it used to be. Far from it. But it does hold enough influence to be used effectively in a keyword scrabble board strategy.


Side Note: *I've had for 18 years so it's a great Exact Domain Match example to show the rise and fall of EDM ...and all of the anomolies that are currently in play.


magical molecule clusters scrabble board set against a black nebula background 03

The Domain Name Scrabble Board Effect

Scrabble board refers to selecting related complete keywords that make up each domain name.

Don't think of the domain name as one meaning but as many meanings that are derived from mixing and matching the same words, like a scrabble board.

Many of the additional modifier words not in the domain name will come later as the content ages.

Within these later combinations are the competitive search phrases that will be your bread & butter.

Scrabble Board Effect for

For example, even in a brutally competitive space like SEO, choosing a domain name like opens up low hanging opportunities to rank quickly for the following Google searches:


  • Real SEO Lifewhich of course is an Exact Domain Match or EDM. This is the low hanging fruit that gives us an early success in which to build on.

    1 2 3 Page Dominance Real SEO Life

  • Real SEO - The keyword phrase Real SEO is also a natural second level low hanging fruit Google search that will get indexed and ranked early.

  • SEO Life - The keyword phrase SEO Life is not terribly useful but something relevant to get indexed easily all the same.

  • Real Life SEO - The derivitive of the exct domain match, Real Life SEO, oddly enough is not as easy to rank for without an exact match but will be included in one of the early sets to indexed as well.

Eventually, the website will produce more competitive Google Searches with additional modifiers like the following:

  • Real SEO Expert

  • SEO (anything)

  • (anything) SEO ....etc.

!IMPORTANT - This is an important point to note.

To expect these results it is crucial that your domain word choices are prioritized to align with your website brand.

Do not choose the words for the domain before developing your website marketing strategy.

Too often people come up with a domain name and try to build their concept around it, only to find out later the concept doesn't really work as well as it could. 

In this domain name selection process, I think through the concept around the topic first, and then search for words that would best support the concept theme.



So long as the word "SEO" can be successfully paired with another relevant word modifier then the possibilities are endless. did in fact get indexed for a number of niche related Google searches with or without the domain name words, including a solid #1 Ranking for the Exact Domain Match, which of course was expected.

The shorter the domain name (without using abbreviations) the better. Short domain names will also open up interesting subdomain SEO strategies and techniques.


Publishing SEO website content as they it is created 01

Process Tactic #2 ~ Publish as you build instead of waiting for the entire site to be completed.

This will give your website the most opportunities to get ranked favorably ...which is only the first step in all of this digital dancing.

  • We will naturally gain invaluable realtime data as we build.
  • That data will help guide us to the best path to the low hanging fruit.

What we have on the other side of publishing-as-you-go rapid development is a solid foothold in the niche category we targeted, a fertile field in which to grow bigger fruits and prosper.


To get there remember these 4 points as you build your digital marketing foundation.


✅ Choose A Best Match Domain using real words within your targeted niche. This makes the SEO work much easier and speeds up the timeline.

✅ Publish live as you build using rapid development techniques which allow you to get indexed as quickly as possible.

Build from the ground up using SEO tactics and techniques within every aspect of every element. 

Prioritize search optimizations over design asthetics. User interface design and general asthetics that help with conversions will make more sense after you have SEO data to analyze.



Rapid Development Websites Are For SEO ...and people, eventually.


Yes. You absolutely SHOULD NOT build websites ONLY for search engines.

But at the same time, search engines will be on your site judging the content and structure long before any humans arrive.

And of course the judgement of said search engines will determine how much organic human exposure will come from their recommendations.
So does it not make sense that the initial build of the website be aimed at getting the search engine optimization (SEO) nailed down right from the beginning?


Yes. Methinks so. 

Rapid Development it is then!


Why Rapid Development You Ask?

Because Time is Your Enemy!

✅ It takes time to get indexed by search engines which is to say your website is being noticed and recorded in their database.

✅ It takes time to prove your website provides value.

✅ It takes time to measure the value of your website against others in its class.

✅ And the Biggie. Time is dictated by forces out of your control.

My process is focused on publishing as much as you can as quickly as you can, paying particular attention to the SEO basics of every element, so that we're giving the search engines good stuff for them to bite into, which will help them do their thing as quickly as possible.

A word on rapid development of non-branded vs branded websites.

Rapid development may not be brand friendly because it requires building-as-you-go ... which some brands might find uncomfortable.

Most brands typically publish a website after all sections and content are meticulously constructed to fit within brand expectations.

While rapid development does work well with branded websites, branding restraints might inhibit the rate of growth.

That's why pure non-branded "SEO" websites targeting a specific niche are immensely effective as single "satallite" websites or a network of micro-sites that support the main brand domain.

If done correctly rapid live development is as organic as it gets...which is ideally perfect for digital marketing, so there's that advantage too, among others.
Long term success of these kinds of digital marketing campaigns relies heavily on these first steps of correctly constructing these "SEO" websites.

Once in place, the data generated will guide us to the more ambitious marketing strategy of Page Dominance.


Page Dominance is owning all of the organic rankings above the fold or beyond.



1 2 3 Page Dominance Real SEO Life Exact Domain Match is low hanging fruit that opens the door to this page dominant search result. 

This is why your domain name should be selected for the overall higher level, broad search strategy with the most usable combinations in mind and not for one specific high volume keyword phrase that might be limited for broader variations.


The ultimate goal for ranking keyword searches is to not only claim the #1 position ....but also all of the positions that are visible in the first screen before having to scroll to see more, or all of the postitions "above the fold".

This is too deep a topic with lots of nuances and examples to cover in this article properly. 

But it is important to know that there's more to be achieved beyond ranking #1 for a handful of targeted search terms.

And the ONLY way to get there is to specifically optimize several websites and social channels with the end goal of Page Dominance in mind .



1 2 3 Page Dominance Real SEO Life

Branded domains should be much easier to create SEO Page Dominance ...and if you aren't dominating with your brand name then it's time to change your strategy and apply more effort.


Once upon a time Page Dominance was a far more common unfair advantage. This one is from October 2017.

Page Dominance was eventually struck down by Google, reduced to be only 2 organic listings per domain for any given search query.

The 2 organic listings per domain has held true for years. But as mentioned ....there's still a way of achieving page dominance.


 PAGE DOMINANCE iSeries Power5 Memory SERP

Page Dominance techniques were especially powerful for large eCommerce websites like this one, that had a series of searchable part numbers. The trick here is to avoid cookie cutter boiler plate product descriptions and customize each link to be top tier ....or as some called it "link sculpting".


Page Dominance is an important discussion because I have seen signs of it coming back in favor as a reliable tactic.

Using rapid development and social networks, multiple relevant web property clusters can be optimized to rank for the same search query, thus creating page dominance.

Who knows if this will hold true for any length of time, but those that are believers will be the authors of new Page Dominance stories.